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Redshift missing shaders

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Picking up another studios' project and all their RS shaders are coming in as add nodes instead of material builder nodes.

It's an old version of RS 3.5.04. But we rolled back to that version. Haven't been able to confirm the Houdini version, but we're trying it on a version supported by that version of RS. Anyone have ideas about why the shaders wouldn't come thru?

RS Lights and cameras have no problems.

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You can confirm the Houdini version by dropping the HIP file onto notepad. Some of it will come up as garbage, but a lot of it is ascii readable text. You should be able to view the saved version.

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Please let me know how you fix the add(+) nodes. I updated the Redshift version and now all my materials have the add symbol and they are not showing at all

Thank you

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I solved the problem
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