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Add POPs to group when advected


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Hello everyone. Is it possible to add particles to a new group as soon as they are advected e.g. from a volume? I want the particles to react differently as soon as they are advected.

Thank you.

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@gpapaioa This it's for 2d Advect on Gas-limit particles and it works if you change Dimension depending what you have in your scene, how you advecting? ..then you can also  reference min max in from your(field's)center, volumes..endless Possibility ..


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I am advecting with a custom vel vol, with popadvectbyvolumes.

I had a thought: whenever a particle is advected, it could pick up an attribute from 0 to 1 (like attribopy in SOPs). And later with a POPwrangle, group the ones with 1. Need to research if this is possible in DOPs.

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inside a sopsolver in your dopnet you could create an object merge to bring in your velocity field and check if the particle is inside the velocity field.

v@vel = volumesamplev(1, 'vel', @P);

you can also reduce it to a float by calculating the length of the vector

f@speed = length(v@vel);

you can then either use that attribute to gradually activate another force or use it to add particles to a group

if(f@speed > 0){
    @group_advected = 1;
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