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Do we have a way to fill interior or interpolate vel after generating VDB vel?


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Hi, I have a question about VDB vel. Normaly when I create a VDB from poly, I don't use 'fill interior', and after processing, somtimes I have to fill out or interpolate velocity inside of object. I tried a VDB_combine, VDB_extrapolate, etc. However, I cannot find a function similar to Fill interior.
My guess is that at least there are 2 steps; I have to activate inisde of object then intepolate vel from a object shell. Does anone know others ways to do it? Thanks!


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Try dropping down a volume wrangle. You should be able to assign a new value throughout.

@vel = set(0,1,0);

Another strategy might be to use a points from  volume after your box to generate interior points before assigning them velocity. Then rasterize them to generate your VDB.

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