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Houdini | Procedural Tool to Art Direct Your Instances With VEX! (Part 3)


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Want to have multiple explosions in your shot? Let's populate them! Why go through the trouble of simulating each Fx when we can just populate a scene with a few!

The Populate Toolset is a comprehensive HDA (Houdini Digital Asset) Toolkit designed for intricate control to populate a scene with various caches. The OTL uses a bundle system, so we can switch between a low-resolution proxy cache and a high-resolution render cache anytime. This makes it easy for artists to preview shots, layout simulations and art direct timing as per their needs.

How does this Setup Help?

  1. Easy Layout: Create quick and easy layouts and previews for your shots without using high config machines and dealing with the laggy viewport.

  2. Quick Controls: Get quick controls to art direct your simulation like adjusting scales, rotation and timing.

  3. Randomizer: An easy randomizer to get started with.

  4. Override Tool: When you need small adjustments just use the override tool to fix it!

  5. Gizmos: Gets user friendly preview gizmos that help artists preview scales and placements of cache.

Used on Beautiful Hunan: Flight of The Pheonix & Halo (Mini TV Series)

Get the HDA and Files on Gumroad: https://chakshuvfx.gumroad.com/l/art-direct-instances

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