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collision between particles who have different pscales


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Hi guys, 


I'm trying to get bubbles to collide with each other but can't seem to find the solution yet.

I'm using points that are emitted upwards and assign a random pscale value to each new point.

I'd like points to change colors when they are too close to each other, that way I can check if the setup works.

So when 2 points are close to each I'd like to check if the distance between them is not smaller than the radius of the point and the radius of the closest point.

If it is, then the points need to turn red.

For now, all my points turn red, but I think it's because I can't find a way to access the closest's point pscale value to compare it with the distance.

Can someone guide me on how to approach this kind of issue? 

I tried to use pcfind but that doesn't seem to work too -_-.


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