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how to scale pscale to 0 in dops based on distance ?


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Hey everyone,

I want my RBD sim to scale to 0 when it gets close to an object in DOPS and stay at 0 pscale regardless of the object animation later on . The problem is that to sphere moves at the end and the pscale goes back to normal. How can I make the RBD pscale stay 0 . I am using a min function to try and help me but I am doing  something wrong.  I thought the sop solver was supposed to remember the previous frame. Someone please help ? Thank you



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@dist attribute is calculating by ray sop and @pscale is overriding by remapped @dist each timestep. "IF" condition only works when @pscale < 0.1 so @pscale has a value from 1 to 0.1 then back from 0.1 to 1.

To make your setup work you have to set @pscale = 1 in SOP on packed geo before simulation and use this code in the attribute wrangle inside Sop Solver DOP:

float pscaleNew= fit(@dist, 0, ch("max_distance"), 0, 1);

if(@pscale<0.1) @pscale=0.1; 


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