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L-system Generations Stamping Tricks?


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I bumped on some strangeness here.

L-sysytem stamping works great with many parameters, like eg. ball scale.

-I created a sphere, added transform sop and in uniform scale wrote : stamp("../lsystem2","myscale",1)

-I put myscale into l-system>funcs >leaf param A

- the rule contains : J(1,,1/g) where 1/g is stamped scale parameter.

Ofcourse it works, no problem.

So if this is correct, why I cant stamp generations parameter of another l-system used as leaf???

With the very same setup? :blink:

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It is weird I know, David Gary covers that problem in his second lsystem dvd, so you may have a look there. He builds HDA to overcome this problem, very useful.



Ha! Great! I love to hear I was not wrong.

On my way to buy that DVD ;)

Dzieki Kuba!

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I solved it.

It now offsets local animation of growing leaves based on point number and template l-system point count. Quite easy stamping "start" parameter from shift chop.

Will attach hip after making it pretty enough B) .

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