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Parasites - Procedurally Growing Organism ?

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How would you grow a parasite ?


- I am going to "try" to create an organism which is something like parasite or some kind of fungi [located on trees]

- The thing is that before I get started working on this effect, I wanted to take some advices and suggestions from you guys who are interested.

- I was thinking about using L-Systems to get the effect but I am sure that there are other ways too.

- I also will need to create a custom shader in VOPs to get the realistic effect.

Any Suggestions, Ideas, or references about how to create the system and the shader would be appreciated.

Thanx in advance.

* I am putting some references to illustrate the effect that I need to achieve.

References [ BBC- Planet Earth Series ]

Video File:

Parasite - BBC Planet Earth





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as far starting with this, i would go old reliable metaballs, lots of them!!

animating the weights and converting to geo once you've gotten you're shape right!!

good luck!

Thanks for the tip jeffrey. I am gonna try animating the weight


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Looks like branching structures to me = lsystems or trailing particles.

at the moment I am experimenting with l-system

But u r right trailing particles will also work I am gonna give a shot.

apart from that the shading scares me a little bit.

because I haven't touched subsurface scattering before.

need to check the sss posts :rolleyes:


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For the shader you may want to look at some of the wrok by the winner of the last Houdini contest, Serg. You can see his project at http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com...opic&t=6420. He had some great ideas that may come in handy for you.

thanks jjstanley,

I have already checked Serg's sss solution and its really clever [ respect ] :)

at the moment I am doing some experiments with Mario's SSS shader which is perfect.

Besides, render times are a bit heavy so maybe I might need to use Serg's solution.

By the way I am using Marc's [correct me if I am wrong] pcplastic shader as well, which helps a lot with the internal colours

Thanx again for the link


this is the first shading test.



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I made a sequence test with Mario's SSS shader.

However, it is somehow flickering. looks like a lighting artifact but the light is fixed

I think the Problem will be point cloud sequence

I am posting the parameters, light position and the video.

If anyone has an idea what the problem is...

need help


Flicker Artifact !!! - Video File






Shader Parameters (MultipleScattering)



Shader Parameters (SingleScattering)



PointCloud Parameters (Cloud Generation)



PointCloud Parameters (Density Estimate)


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