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The Restless Vfx


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I watched I Korean action - fantasy movie today called "The Restless" (LINK)

I didn't quite follow the story, but this movie has some very impressive VFX, including many many cool disintegration effects (like in Blade).

I searched for some details on the VFX work in this film, but couldn't find anything...

Can anyone shed some light on it?

Anyone seen it and has a clue on how to do such effects?



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cool clip

im loving to see how as VFX is evolving, all over the place, cool shots are popping up.

I recently saw the trailer for DWar, dunno much about it, but again, amazing work.

heres a attempt at the effect, check out the file, a really simple attempt :-)


hope this helps :-)


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It's really nice! Congrats Aracid!

Anyone can help me regarding this example, where the VEX SOP generated vertex color (Cd) and the polysplit made the split based ob Cd info.

My question is, i want to have these colored islands put in separate primitive groups, how can i pull this info to the group node or to something else.

I want to affect each island fly off piece by piece in a delayed fashion.

thanks in advance!


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Thanks Arctor!

Now i just have to figure out how to refer to these groups, there is over 150 of them. Would be nice somehow to drive the seed of the spring separately for each spring. How noob beginner i am in the world of Houdini.


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You don't have to do it with groups.

You can sort the faces of the geometry according to the order that you want.

Then, create the soft body in POPs, and birth the particles in the order of the faces...

May not be perfect (perhaps with big sections) but might be enough for your needs.

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Thanks for the tip ygalula!

I'm an oldtimer maya guy, previously used power animator and wavefront software. So the biggest challenge for me is to "think in available tools". Until i am not familiar which node is usually used for some specific thing i will probably ask lame questions. SO i have to learn and evaluate hip files, made by experienced houdini users.

thanks for help!


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