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Rendering A Translucent Roof

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Hello! I want to render a room with a translucent roof. I want the light to come from outside, and shine into the room.

Here is a reference picture:


I want this GI feel for the room, and the noisy texture for the roof.

I thought about using SSS for the roof, and a directional light for the room. But so far my experiments didn't come out very well.

So maybe I don't need to illuminate the roof at all. Maybe just a texture is enough.

Any suggestions?


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Did you try using translucent deep shadow maps?

Maybe the ligth bounces can be simulated with irradiance or ambient occlusion, and then using deep shadows to transmiting ligth coming from top, occluded with some texture.

At the reference picture It looks like there are trees projecting shadows on the scene.

Also there are incident reflections on walls.

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