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Wiki Tutorials Links Are Dead Forever???


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It's not a secret but you probably don't know that odforce.net has just changed a bit, it's still in reorganizing process. Some resources are not available yet, some were removed since were quite old. You can catch here Jason or Marc and ask about this stuff. I got it on my disk also if you really want them.

If you need some quick introduction to shader writing please check any Renderman related pages (there are plenty of them), as almost everything what is valid for RSL is applicable in VEX. On introductory level at least.



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I believe Mark is taking some leave right now so won't be checking in

as often as he normally does. He has indicated on other threads that

he may try to bring back some of the old tutorials at some point but

you should know a lot of it is really old and not all of it works too well

in Houdini 8, let alone 9. There are new volumetrics tools in Houdini

9 so you may want to look for demos of those first.

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I like the idea of the Wiki archive. Although these tutorials are old there

is some relevant material. There's some shaders in there I'd like to

get my hands on for one thing.

Yeah, I'd really like to sort out the old tuts and wikify them somehow. Unfortunately it's a few hours of work and I've been quite under the gun lately. If anyone has any tuts they'd like to write, please feel welcome to link them off the Wiki and go bananas.

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