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Mdd & Pdc File Importer/exporter

Guest xionmark

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Guest xionmark

Greetings all,

Once again one of my favorite issues raised it's ugly head at the facility I'm at, "Can we import/export files from Maya to Houdini?" ... oy! And of course, this was followed by the supe's question "Can you just save your Houdini file as a Maya file so I can work on it too?" ... :-0) Gack!

So before I launch into writing a few SOPs to import & export Maya PDC files and Point Oven MDD files into Houdini, I'd thought I'd check again with the community and ask once more in case there's one out there that I don't know about.

BTW: this will be a proper HDK SOP written in C/C++ for maximum performance.

Anyone seen these little puppies out there already?



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Sorry, didn't mean your code wasn't proper, I think I was watching a Betty Davis movie and it slipped into my vernacular.

Heh, I never thought of it that way, no worries :)

A real HDK solution is a great thing to have. Thank you for sharing, I'll download it right now!


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Guest xionmark
Though its also very nice to have it as a python otl. Would the HDK version need to be recompiled for each new build of Houdini, or just if any major changes occur?

I'm looking into it. Seems like the best of both worlds, but haven't tried it yet. Hopefully soon.

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