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L-systems Motion Blur


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I have a little problem regarding this,

fast animated l-system is rendering without

motion blur, whether I try tubes or polywire

its all the same, I put some other fast moving

geometry and its rendering fine, with lots of blur

that I added while testing, so what I'm missing?

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thanks cellchuck, it is one of your examples with cubes,

I animated growth, then only angle, then both but no luck.

Geometry velocity is used

ok I see little more clearly now when I saw your scene.

I mistakenly animated growth through all animation,

when growth stops angle animation is with mblur.

That I understand, but it renders only in H8 mantra with deform blur

no luck in 9. But in your scene appears to exist some growth mblur,

shouldnt geometry velocity take care of it now?

search continues

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hey i-d,

well,I've done all these examples in H8 and actually havent tried to render any l-sys anim in H9 yet.

But, It should be the same procedure as it is in H8.

Also "old school" made a great explanation about l-sys with m.blur in that thread.

On the other hand, maybe you should try using deformation blur to have m.blur where branches move.

however, you wont get any m.blur in frames where the new branches start depending on the change of the point count.


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