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Standalone Renderman Watermarkt Learning Version


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Heya guy's i was wondering(sins i havn't been able to find this myself) dose anyone know if there's a watermarkt version or older free version of RenderMan available somewere?

i want to test some examples from my 2 super cool new books: Rendering for beginners(Image synthethis using renderman) and Advanced renderman(Creating CGI for motion Pictures)

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However, Mantra is very cool and the VEX shading language bears many similarities to RSL too.

I rather use mantra then RenderMan because it's a embedid renderer, the reason i wan't a renderer that understands RIB is because i wan't to follow the examples given in the books :P.

Could be translated to mantra i gues but still would be a pain to do so..

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... but still would be a pain to do so..

...no, it wouldn't. I constantly rewrite renderman shaders into mantra and this is almost semi-automatic process. At least in case of simply shaders. Some advanced aspects may differs. Basics are the same. Paste your shaders here and we'll see how to deal with it (I hope someone can ;) ).

It can be even interesting topic for newbies. RSL-> Vex exercises... :)


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i wish i could but i'm not at the shader writing part of the book yet :P

i'm still at the beginning of the book where alot of theory is being explained to me (wicked!!) there are some easy examples of RIB like Worldbegin, Worldend and Sphere.

still realy basic stuff.(witch i want to try out any way).

would be fun tho writing some RSL/VEX and people adding changing commenting on it.

of to bed now school tommorow, cya!!

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