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Cut Object By Curves


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Hello, How to cut object like at this picture - it seems that it is cutted by curves or something like that

Can i use for cookie-node 2d-primitives (grid, extruded line without caps and thickness) ?

Maybe i should use another way ?



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I think that is cut using a grid with noise applied to it in one input of a cookie SOP and the Vase in the other input. Did you need to cut your geometry using curves? If so, I would reccommend trying your suggestion of extruding the curve so you have a plane and then wire that into the cookie SOP.

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if you need to cut your geometry by curves, you can project them onto the surface using the project-sop. with the trim-sop you can, as the name suggests, trim your geometry in pieces. the thing is that you have to convert the geometry to nurbs for using trim. it works fine for simple geometries like your vase. if the geometry is more complex, the result could be somehow weird and unusable.

hope that helps,


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