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Rotating normals

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hello there i got a question about rotating normals.

i'm using a particles system to instance a geometry on it the question is can i rotate the instances so that they don't points the same way.

do i have to do this in pops or in sop.

cheers bren

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This is a matter of great confusion and discussion. Houdini handles copying and instancing in totally different ways.

Copying (ie using the copy SOP) uses the normals and the velocity vector to align the copy. Whereas instancing uses the rot attribute. The difference is that the rot attribute is a quaternion rotation while the other copy sop method is an euler rotation.

Although, having said that I'm pretty sure thats still slightly off the mark (hence the confusion part. Everyone has a slightly different answer ;))

So, to answer your question. The easiest way to change the instancing is to use the rotation pop (try putting $ID * 20 into the angle setting). Putting some sort of random value into the axes will make it change on more than one axis.

Hope this helps.


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