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Challenge #1 : Bridge Of Cards (apprentice Wip) - Maharzan

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Guest Swann
Here is the hip file.. there are no textures so might be a problem in that area..


I just cleaned a little your file, check what's changed. With one polyKnit you can join couple polygons in row, and I used Object Merge as your master display so there is much cleaner view.


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hi Maharzan,

I've been looking at your file (actually at the cleaned one) to see how you solved the random texturing. And I tried to make the same as I understand the concept behind the technique but it just didn't work for me, so I have a couple of questions:


What is the padding of the files? would this work on a 4 digit padding like cards.0001.jpg?

Also in the basic surface you set:


I don't understand this path as ../ would not even get you out of the SHOP context, so how can you reach a parameter that is in OBJ?

And finally I don't understand this expression you set in the random copy stamp:


Why did you add *39)+1???


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Hey Bealobo,

Thanks for looking over my files. As I mentioned earlier, I am a newbie to Houdini and most of the things I have done is also beyond my understanding at this point. But I will try to answer your queries.

I have card.1.jpg, card.2.jpg texture images for simplicity. It should also work with other paddings like you said ( I am not sure how though, perhaps $F4????)

I honestly don't know this answer. I had a test file sent to me by a user for random texturing and I just copy pasted it.

This is my logic - There are 39 images in my case. Somehow I have an impression that rand function generates numbers from 0 to 1. So, I multiplied it by 39 because I wanted to get from (0 to 38) I thought it won't generate 0 and 1 (maybe wrong) and 1 is there so if its 0 then its adds 1 to get an Ace ('A'). Well, I am not perfect here but it seems to work in my case...

Hope you can get an answer from other pros here.. :)



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After looking at the cleaned card_bridge_maharzan.hipnc file i must say your learning faster than i did ;)

i would, instead of using the object_merge sop "OUT" to bring it all together use a merge, I beleve it calculates faster. but less clutter is also a valuable thing.

The naming the node that you want to be the output "OUT" is a very good habit! but i like to make it a null node so you can change your mind on what is going to be put out by just wiring a different node into the "OUT" null

after looking at your orignal you mostly had it, top work!

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