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CmiVFX launches new DVD : Introduction to Procedural Modeling

David Gary

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Hi everybody!

We're very happy to release the sequel and first application of our Fundamentals video, entitled "Introduction to Procedural Modeling"


Aimed to work together with the Fundamentals video and to be a large and thorough deepening, this is also en entire project-based video, since Houdini is not just for theory but also for practice.

It has procedural challenges like rigging caterpillars so that they adapt to any terrain, but also all kinds of modeling approachs, cause real-world scenarios are not 100% procedural or 100% art, they're always a blend.

Plus The challenge at CmiVFX was to find which effect/scene could combine the maximum diversity of training content, while keeping the consistency and the realism/reality of a project-based approach.

We ended up with the idea of the tank cos it had everything:

1) In terms of procedural modeling and applying the concepts of the Fundamentals, it has everything as i mentioned and procedural modeling here even fuses with rigging!

Hearing the change and the ongoing demand, we wanted to show that Houdini is not just for big studios and/or for computer science PhDs and/or impossible-looking shots, but for EVERY artist who just want to do things FASTER, NICER on ANY project. People often used to say: " i've been told it's possible with Houdini, that can be done, it's possible in theory", if we can, let's not just say that we can, let's DO it.

2) Then, in terms of the base for possible future content: let's suppose we want to create a procedural camouflage pattern, rendered with global illumlintaion, motion blur, this allow us to show a lot of things about rendering, let's suppose we want some tanks to follow a parade, or to move in synchronicty with cannons animation, or interacting with their enemies, this allow us to teach CHOPs and/or particles and behavioural animation.

Let's suppose we want planes to drop bombs/missiles onto a tank that will explode, this allow us to show all the dynamics, the rigid-bodies, the partice-based or fluid-based explosion, the particles for volume rendering etc.


I'm not particularly into war stuff, quite the contrary :) but i got to say that creating a battlefield scene with tanks allow us to show an incredible number of things with the consistency of a project-based approach where you have to do EVERYTHING with Houdini. Don't do war, simulate it! lol



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To i-d and ofer and other people who may have questions/pbs about the video streaming : don't hesitate to contact Chris at Cmivfx: chris@cmivfx.com or chris@cmistudios.com.

And a MAJOR upgrade of the player is coming within the month, with chapter markers, bookmarks and more :)


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Hello everyone in houdini land:

We are upgrading our player over the next few weeks before NAB show.

We found an od[bug] in a matter of speaking. Some rare units will have performance issues. This is highly due to our custom code to detect hardware for playing back.

We have repaired this problem in a beta system. We will be offering some short beta testing before the show... but ultimately.. current users will notice the following changes one day:

- New UI Design (Based on user feedback and future expandability of features)

- Chapter Markers (that is correct, jump right to the chapter you want without needing to scrub the play head)

- User Book Marks (If you have section you would like to come back to... you can leave a marker at that spot now)

- Performance Enhancements (Major improvements with compatibility. )

All of our test units have always been working during player releases.. but some of our clients, including big studios, helped us design the system for internal uses on all sort of operating systems.

Some of you will get some free products for testing. its al based on bug tracking.

We all cant wait to see what you think about the new system.

-chris maynard

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Guest Swann
Can this videos be downloaded?

I'm behind a proxy and cmi player is not working.

This is what Chris send me about 2-3 weeks ago


All downloadable videos are hard encoded with your personal information hidden inside. Only our cmi Custom Software application can decode this hidden noise algorithm. We track many different pirate websites, forums, and custom flavors of FTP, HOTLINE and KDX servers to prevent piracy of our videos. Any reselling, trading, or sharing of a cmiVFX video is a direct EULA violation and is punishable by international law.

We have videos done for FTP transfer or torrent distribution.

Its based on the exact dvd image that you would get except you can start downloading them right away.


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