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What has gone wrong here!

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Hey Houdniks,

This happend the other night when updated a obj file.

Basically the origin gnomon is offset or tilted. The object is aligned to it, but the Grid isnt.

Here is a nice pic of it.

What did i do wrong. :)


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Guest Swann

That's how it ends when you seat after couple of drinks to Houdini. :wacko: NEVER MODEL AFTER DRINKING !!! Someone could be hurt.

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hehe, yeah.


There you go boys and girls.


Still dont know what threw it off in the first place, also if the origin gnomon is small, switch to a left or any other ortho view and switch back to perspective and it should be reset also.

Case closed :)

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cheers, i think i remember seeing them in v8 too, i have a new found respect for the contruction plane. Just sumbling on these parameters.

But the bug hasnt completely dissapeared because once you jump inside the object (which has some values on the rotate y) it jumps back to what you see, so... thinka little fixing is needed or i need to find the option to disable C-plane locking or something.

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