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facet and spring sop


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Dear Houdini-Folks

I have just started learning Houdini. I must say that it really turns my way of thinking around 180 - But I love learning new stuff so I have

started to make my own experience with this beast of a software.

First goal is to learn how to make a logo disolve in bits and pieces ( chunks of polys ). So I made a very simpel test scene with a poly-sphere.

This I connected to a group-sop that selects random bits of polys ( rand($PT)) to get some chunks of polys.

Then I connected this to a facet-sop and chose the group.

Finally I connect this to a spring-sop with some turbolence added and so to disolve the sphere

But for some reason the polys are not cut up the way the group intended. Its like the facet-sop ignores the group.

Maybe its my approach thats wrong.

Can anyone help me a bit futher in this.

Thanks a million.


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Hey Folks

Thank you very much for replying and for the attached examble. It looks cool and just

the effect I want. I have to understand the network a bit better though.

I have now spent some time going through tutorials from the net, and I have

also bought a few tutorialvideos. I have a really clear feeling that this software is

absolutly powerfull, but I really lack the deeper inside knowlegde of how it works

getting the right data to flow through the network.

I cant find a list of all the different variables like: $F, $PT, $NY etc. in the documentation

wich would help me understand whats going on.

Well its just me getting mindblowed by the complexity of this program :-)


P.S I have attached my first attempt on making a cool thingy


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