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How to get a system time in HScript?


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Hi guys!

I have one question: how i can get system time from HScript? I want to get start time and end time of any animation and calculate average fps of system.

I thought what backward quotes must work in Houdini like in Perl but it's not working (at least in the Windows)! :( (see below)

set start_time = `system(time /T)`;

Who can answer on question: how to get system time and assign it to variable? :-(

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the unix command from hscript lets you run shell commands, for example

unix date

would work but houdini isn't aware of whatever the date command outputs.

still you can do a

unix "echo %TIME% > c:/temp/start_time.txt"

play the animation, blah blah then

unix "echo %TIME% > c:/temp/stop_time.txt"

or append with >>

(the double quotes are there to prevent hscript from interpreting anything inside them, well i think variable expansion would happen)

do the rest in perl and call it again using the unix command like

unix perl blah.pl

hum well i'm sure there are 10^6 better ways to do it

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On 8/22/2020 at 12:45 PM, hved said:

YYMMDD format

`substr(system("cmd /C date /T"), 12, 2)``substr(system("cmd /C date /T"), 4, 2)``substr(system("cmd /C date /T"), 7, 2)`


This is great!! Have been looking for this for a while now!! Is it possible to add current time in hours and minutes as well? :)

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