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This is my hobby project i work on in my spare free time. It's the foundation of a former gasometer in Amsterdam.



When it is finished it should look like this on the inside:


And the outside, less spectacular is this:


As said, it's only the foundation, in it was a turntable for trains. The white metal ring formed a water lock for the actual gasometer which would rise from this ring when it was filled with gas. The diameter is 60 meters.

Another view of the gasometer and in the front a building where they used to make hydrogen-gas


This will be part two of the project!

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A little update:

on top of the gasometer base structure there will be a new (steel-)structure. In the lens formed roof will hold all kind of installations, the space below will be filled with hanging platforms (upcoming render).


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Well, since i really haven't done anything fancy yet with dynamics in houdini and taking into account it has something to do with gas, i might consider it...Would be interesting to simulate a melting steel construction too

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My name is Nina and I'm a architecture student at the Technical University. I'm working on a project which concerns the Gasometer of the Westergasfabriek built in 1902-1903.

Pagefan, is it possible to work on your 3d model??

Kind regards,


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