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Hey guys,

I am working on a windtunnel simulation right now.

Thats what i have so far. Please let me know.. since my good old crt monitor broke a while ago im sitting a bit in the dark with the colours at my cheap tft at home.. *(i dont want to buy a good one yet because im moving in september anyways when i graduate, my old one broke when i moved to vancouver and ups wont pay for it... its a long story :(... but however..) so...

The Colours at the school tft looking kinda okay... but when i opened up some renders here at home they were a bit too dark.. what do you think..

Also the background of the car isnt final yet. I'm thinking of a lot of lightbulbs with different colourshapes. Think of the old Las Vegas Strip.. did you ever saw the Lightshow there..?

The windtunnel particles will be looking like lite blue lightstreams flowing over the car and they are illuminating the scene a bit to.

so im interested in your opinions and critiques. thanks!





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