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Camera Projection tutorial fixed.


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I have fixed the link to my "camera projection tutorial", I did years ago :)

(I have been getting personal messages about this)

now it is at:


For those who are interested in the issue. I still could not prepare the Houdini files... sorry about that. Maybe in the near future. Hope it helps.

Sorry if any of the information provided is wrong or misleading... this is from my student years... use at your own risk.


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Yes, this is going to stay there... as long my site is online :)

I will try to put the houdini files and the materials there as well...

Thanks... But as I said it is very primitive... Any contribution to the topic, things like shaders and other ideas for a more effecient (advanced) camera projection workflow are always welcome...


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Ok... Hi all!

Sorry for the delay.

Here is a link to the tutorial files. The "textures" folder is a pretty messy one... but all files needed should be there...

The HIP file is an old H8 file... but most of the things should be there as well... It is also very messy :) ... I did some crazy things in those early days...

So here it is... if somebody can clean it up and update it for H9... it will be a great conrtibution...


Cheers. Hope this helps.

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