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terrible artifacts on displace shader


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I done very simple displace shader in VOPs:

Inline Code is simple sin() function


when I render it in Mantra - micropoligon render mode there are many troubles on surface:


when I render it in Ray Trace mode - it was little better, but the same artifacts was here :unsure:

How can I ajust it to smooth, clear result?

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I done very simple displace shader in VOPs:...

Hi there,

Mantra is pretty powerful in displacing surfaces and there are a number of settings you'd like to take a look at in an advanced scenario. Besides of mentioned displace bounds there are a couple of setting for displacement and related to it dicing (creating micro-polygons) that can have an impact on both quality and performance.

Check in help or in Edit Render Parameters... menu for re-dicing displacement, whole dicing issue and few others. Good tip is to use "dic" or "disp" for searching (not "dicing").

Your displacement is rather big, so it good to have full control on it ;)



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Hi ,

Also try to crank the shading quality up to 2 or something and if u want crisp corners you can change the pixel filtering from Guassian to Catrom in your Mantra ROP property node.But this will increase your render time a bit HTH .

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