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Wolfwood > cornel file

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couldn't post to SESI so...

I rendered your file Jim, and I get the same results...BUT...I then changed the camera angle rx -13 and the artifacts are gone...


btw - anyone know how to change the compression for jpegs saved out of mplay....the pic I posted is crappy...

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yeah...it's weird...something funky with the camera...?...or? :blink:


I don't really need it as I would never render jpgs...but just wanted to convert the picnc to a jpg for the web....normally that's just fine - but since we're talking about render artifacts, adding jpg compression artifacts isn't a great idea...

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Simply because I wanted .243 instead of .242. I installed Slackware 9. :ph34r:

My cornell box renders fine, (no lines), under linux (same system). I don't have that annoying mplay freeze problem either. fsck you windows.

On a side note concerning Linux. Damn its fast, as far as Houdini is concerned. I'd have to say that Houdini functions more quickly in Linux. And there is nothing better than compiling a kernel to match your exact system. :lol:


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6.0.243 all is good regardless of the camera.

6.0.242 with the default camera in my hipnc, you get lines

6.0.242 move the default cam a tad, and the lines vanish.

Anyone on beta wanna check the changelog between 242 and 243?

Does anyone else get the lines when using Win2k?


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