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Adding points to an existing curve


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Please forgive me if I'm being dim, but is there a way to add points to an existing polygonal curve?

The Add SOP might be able to add points (although it didn't seem to do much for me), but from the documentation it looked like all points would get added off the end of the curve anyway.

Apart from adding new points manually by typing them in in the parameters pane, is there any other way to do it?



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It sounds like the curve is created by the Curve SOP. If it is, bring your mouse into the viewport, hit Enter to enter in the Curve state & follow the instructions in the Status Bar.



Thanks, Steven!

You know, I'd almost swear I tried that last night but I guess that just shows how ineffective one's brain can be when it's tired... :blink:

Anyway, it works!



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If you need to add a point to a curve way after the initial Curve SOP, just use the Refine SOP.

Select curve, tab>refine, enter then move the one solid red dot where you want to add the point.

It's meant to refine or unrefine a curve or surface between two points but on polygon curves in it's default state, it gives you two dot handles, one solid and one hollow.

The solid handle adds one point. You can click on the hollow dot to make it solid and add two points in one go.

Then you can tweak the parms to add points between by manipulating the U Divisions parm.

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