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How to make a hole?


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Hi, normally I would post on the website on 3dbuzz but I want to get involved with both sites because you guys rock aswel! ;)

I have a little knowledge with Houdini but I want to get better.

In the attachment you will find my current project. I would like to model a house with houdini but I cant figer out how I would create windows / doors. Wat is the best way to do this?

Thank you :)


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You can position boxes where you want the windows, make sure they intersect through the walls and merge the boxes together with a Merge SOP. Next, append a Cookie SOP and connect the Merge SOP to the first input and the walls to the second. Select A Minus B or B Minus A to see the result.

Alternatively, you can do PolySplits, Dissolve, Polyknits etc to create the windows.

Hope others have more ideas.



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Hope others have more ideas.

You could project a grid onto a another grid, trim the result offset it and skin both copies ...

Surprisingly complex network, probably forgot to set HOUDINI_DISABLE_COMPLEXITY=1 ...

Nurbs not dead!

... and welcome !


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Thank you all for the replies. The cookie way is the easiest way. rdg could you explain why you work with so many nodes? Thank you both :)

Because ... I couldn't use less ... cry.gif

I guess you could use less, but I wasn't able to.


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