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Segmentation Fault.........

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does anyone know what causes "Segmentation Fault"??

i sometime encounter this error when saving file or switching between operators, esp to COPs.....will be prompt when COPs trying to re-cook the image.

is it bec of my setting or hardware?? anyone of u also got this problem also??

thanx! :)

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If you are on support, best to send an example file or a description of the repeatable problem on to support. If this is apprentice, then send it to the apprentice forum.

A segmentation fault is also known as a core or core dump. This is generally caused by uninitialized or garbage memory that is created and/or used by Houdini or other applications. Generally if houdini seg faults, it is houdini's fault. If you get a blue screen of death, that is generally an OS Windows problem (graphics drivers like to do this).

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