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Reading Coordinate Data(XYZ) from a .txt file into Houdini.

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Hi guys,

If I had a .txt file in this format:

17.813 58.693 12.84

18.322 57.538 12.101

19.493 56.83 12.766

19.731 55.651 12.514

18.724 57.964 10.686

17.703 58.857 10.022

where first column is X, second is Y and third is Z how would I go about getting Houdini to read that data and generate a point cloud that I could use to copy geometry to etc. The above data are just a portion from a massive file of like 5000 points or so. It would seem that this would be a good spot to get Houdini to simply read a file from a file SOP and dump these XYZ data into an Add SOP or something akin to that.

Any advice on this would be most appreciated. Thanks


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This is something that could easily be accomplished using a simple Python Sop.

Something like this should work as long as you have added a File parameter named 'file' to your operator.

Note: Make sure the File parameter is a standard File, as Geometry - File would set a file type filter on the chooser and you would have to set it to * to see your .txt file.

geo = hou.pwd().geometry()

filepath = hou.pwd().parm('file').eval()

positions = hou.readFile(filepath)

for line in positions.splitlines():
	if line == '':
	pos = line.split() 

	x = float(pos[0])
	y = float(pos[1])
	z = float(pos[2])
	point = geo.createPoint()


You could also look at writing a simple converter that could convert your .txt file into a .geo file.

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Rename your file so that it has a .chan as the file extension. Put down a File CHOP and reference your file. Append a Rename CHOP to this and rename the channels to "tx ty tz". Now use a Channel SOP to reference your CHOP. Here's an example file and I've locked the File CHOP so that it's all contained in one file.


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another solution is to rename your .txt file to a .chan file that you can load into chops.

file is attached


seems edward was seconds faster


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Hey all,

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you guys for helping me out on this one. I just KNEW this was a simple thing for Houdini to do and you guys have pointed me into the correct direction and for that I thank you.


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