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Ok, it's noob question time.

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I don't think you can, to be honest... However you can set the background in MPlay if you want to just view with another background.

I thought at one stage you could specify a bg colour using a mantra -w switch, but I don't think that works now.

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mantra -w is for specifying the width of an image. There was support for a render background but no longer I believe. Undocumented mantra flag? I doubt it in this case.

Should be trivial to add an atmosphere VOP to just render a constant color of your choice at the far camera clipping plane though. That's how I would do it. Atmosphere shaders are polled at the end of the render pipeline. You could even trivially add support for images this way. Just don't be using other atmosphere shaders as well. Depth compositing of fog objects is willy nilly at this part of the rendering. Just dump them in one fog shader.

Do you want the background to contribute to alpha is the only qeustion I would have. I think not.

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You can always try adding a far clipping plane and apply a shader to that.

I attached a little sample.

Two little gotchas to watch out for.

If your far clipping plane is 1000 then the actual geometry needs to be just a tad closer like 999.9 .....or it will be clipped :rolleyes:

Second if the geometry is perfectly fitted to the camera's back plane then the edges of the geo will be sampled against nothing. You'll get a pixel border that has been sampled with your plane color and black.

Isn't this what compositing is for? :P



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