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geo conversion


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ok one step further...

the plan is to use a polyskeleton as a referenze for a miltiple curve shape... may it would be easyer to use a nurbsmodel but i wanna go with

a polygon object. so the goal is a shape out of sweepoperations generated with the wiremesch of my polyobject.

So before i generate the curves out of my edge - selection i wanna do a copyprocess to preserve the original polyshape...

sadly that doesn`t work for me. I tried to group and copy but that converts my selection to faces ore points...

Isn`t possible to group an edge selection?

I even dont get the points on the edge copied correctly

Another issue is the pointsampling on my extracted spline ... its very irregular cause of the originshape of my polygon..

is it possible to bring my points in order over the new curve.. i have tried with resampling but that only changes the number but not the regularity,

Either an option for controling the smoothness of the curves would be nice...(without subdividing my polyshape before)



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