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HOT in MR for Maya


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Great work on this shader! I'm getting way better results than what I was getting with the aa_ocean shader.

One problem though... I'm having trouble getting the ocean animation to render when batch rendered. I've tried to disable the "optimize animation detection" I've tried to keyframe an attribute on the node, I've tried to add the miAnimated attribute. None of the usual tricks work. It animates fine in the viewport.

Any other suggestions?

I'm playing with the deformer and shader sample scene btw.

edit: I manually keyframed the time attribute and it works now, for some reason the expression that was on there was not evaluating at render time.

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I'm having some trouble getting the shader to render in mental ray. I'm using Maya 2016. 


hotOcean.mi shows up in the mental ray shader manager and the deformer works but I have no idea how to get the shader to render. I can assign any material to the deformed geometry and it will render our fine but if I assign the hotOcean shader, it will just render out a previously rendered image.


If I render an image with the Maya ocean shader, it would take about 27 seconds. With the hotOcean shader, I get the same exact image in 2 seconds. 


Can someone help me figure out how to get the hotOcean shader to work?



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