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Maya Fluid to Houdini


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I'm recently working on a plugin for exporting Maya fluid's voxel to Houdini. I got up to a point where it's too slow. I get all sorts of informations out of Maya, density, color, velocity, but it gets slow when I read them in Houdini. The reason is because I'm doing everything through .chan files, where I read and transfer all the attributes to points. I was thinking of exporting everything from maya as a .sim file.


this is a problem, cause I have no idea where to find the sim structure data. Any help?


would it be possible for me to use any of the HOM modules to write a bgeo format?



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On a similar note, I wonder if there is value in writing direct support for Imageworks' recently open-sourced Field3D format? Does anyone have any opinion about this? An open-source format might be a lot more convenient to support than a closed format like BGEO, especially if one is sharing fields between applications.


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