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Simple volume flow solver (just divergence previous and current frame)

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Please, is there a simple solution to compare previous and current frame of volume moving around deforming geometry?

I mean just "air", just compute velocity vector volume "everywhere" around the deforming object in a container.
I dont need turbulence or inertia/momentum/mass of the fluid.
I could use flip solver and extract velocities, but I hope there could be something simpler and computationally faster?


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Hi, probably building simple solver could help you. Check out those tutorials, they explain how to build simple and fast fluid solver.


If I understood correctly, you need to initialize velocity volume (sampled on faces), then for each simulation step: inject into it velocities from animated geometry, do divergence-free projection, advect velocity by itself and repeat... Probably you might need to enforce boundaries to zero out velocity within geometry.

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Thank you very much again! Unfortunately I had not time to implement those features into my setup. But I am studying and connecting all Houdini pieces :) slowly. I have attached my current setup, if anybody else is also interested. Actually, I have a static mesh, I "dent" it with VDB smooth (masked) ... then I compare smoothed/nonsmoothed, which gives me the "originally" sharp areas. I use @petz 's wrangle to calculate min curvatures then. I unify the directions of min_curv_vec regarding to an arbitrary vector (which is not ideal, but I am not good in Python to make the unification recursive).

With the " Gas Project Non Divergent " I wanted those "curvatures" to respect moving of objects. For example ... closing fingers into a fist will bias those curvatures "outside of the fist" between fingers.

This is just my personal project, the task assignment is not fixed, comments and suggestions are highly welcome.




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