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Why can I not search any more? what am I doing wrong?

Hi, sorry if this seems like a silly question, but what am I doing wrong when I am searching? 

Nothing is coming up..

I searched from something as common as RBD, and absolutely nothing comes up.

The thing is if I search for flip I can see a post with the word RBD in it, so what am I doing wrong?

many thanks for you help, 

and sorry if it is probably something silly I am doing wrong.


Kind regards,

Frank Engen

Edited by frankengen

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3 letters are simply too short...try cut, sim, die, top.....all legit words and you get nothing returned....4 letters is the minimum like FLIP, left, heat...will work

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Yeah. Hooray for the joys of mySQL. Apparently there's something that we can do to change the minimum search length (default 4 characters), but since our db is quite large it's a bit of a risky maneuver. 


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