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UV Pass in Houdini

Is there a way to create a UV pass inside of Houdini? I've already rendered out the object with the uv pass texture applied, but I was wondering if there was a way to map a new texture after I've rendered it, I know you can do it in After Effects but I would like everything to be done in Houdini. Ive attached the uv pass texture I spoke of, Im still really new to Houdini and I'm sorry if all my terminology is incorrect:wacko:



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Not 100% sure but I doubt it, at least out of the box. You would do it in COPs if anywhere but sidefx hasn't given that area a lot of love lately so I doubt there is a built-in way.

But what you are looking for, at least in nuke-terms is an st-map, you might be able to find the math behind it on google.  But honestly you are probably better off just re-rendering a flat color pass with a constant shader using the new texture than going through the hassle of building a retexturing tool in Houdini

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