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Opencourseware - List

I know how much labor is involved in seting up things like this, etc.,etc. , but oh... how I wish learning was free for every one.

Quoting my self from the TD Academy thread, here are some links on OpenCourseWare I got from CGTalk.

Opencorseware search:








Berkeley and iTunes Berkeley


Carnegie Mellon

Utah State


Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

University of Washington Computer Science & Engineering




Wikiversity and Wikibooks

Lamar University Math Course

*edit - I'll make updates as more links are posted

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6.001 'Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs' - from MIT.

Check some additional materials not included in MIT site:

video lectures:


text book:


notes, videos, exams:


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oh, and this (but I'm sure everyone knows of it by now right?):



I added the links to the first post.

Funny, I just found out about khanacademy this Sunday while searching for conics sections. :D

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IMHO, Khan Academy is one of the Internet's most valuable resources. Their math videos helped me pass my exams for college years ago and now i'm learning Python and refreshing my Physics with them, recommend for everybody in any field :)

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