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Found 7 results

  1. Hi there, after 20+ hours of rendering i discovered that my ocean render (spectrum with a oceansurface material rendered in mantra) is flickering like crazy on the edges and i have no idea why... i only have a static env light with a 8k hdri and this flickering appears only in the direct and indirect reflection aovs, diffuse pass is fine. Any help? Thanks flickering.mov
  2. Hi! I have a problem with the particle fluid surface node. In some frames it generates another layer of geo in the inside where there should be nothing. In the photos you can see one frame an the next one. In the first one there is this geo and the other one is ok. I would appreciate a lot your help!
  3. Hello! im David and i would like to create a effect like the one in: alice through the glassdor like u can see in these video: i know is imposible to achieve that level but i have the animated curves but my problem is that i dont know how to make the liquid viscous in time so is gonna start freezing after being emited, and also how to say only emit fluid one time not all the frames, the spikes part i already have it1 thanks!
  4. I saw the Lego movie recently and thought I'd have a crack at their point cloud sims. As it stands, all the bricks are the same size so I'm trying to work out how to randomize those. Fun stuff!
  5. jorcabe

    Drop Water

    Hi my friends, I'm new in houdini and I have a huge question, I want to do this in Houdini and I don't know how I can do, some can explain me please Many thanks hou people
  6. Strongly based on (mighty) Igor Zanic old Naiad test of an helicopter, I worked on this test to get the hang of the new Ocean FX tools in Houdini, as well as testing how to use custom forces to affect FLIPs (to simulate the helicopter blades). Sorry for the somewhat grainy render and some Nuke retiming flicker around. I didn´t have the time to retime and re-render. I think I make up for this with an interesting test. My conclusion so far is that it´s very difficult to use dynamic waves and still keep your main effect strong and controllable because of the amount of interactions going on with the waves. The reason being dynamic waves require a really huge container not to come back too soon and this adds up on the usual problems on any similar scene.
  7. Dim

    Flips Curve Force

    Hey all On a project at the moment that needs two streams of liquid twisting around each other in a almost helix fashion and then collide. Now the issue I am having is the liquid moving along a path. I tried the POP Curve Tool but where the two forces radius intersect it goes to krap. I am trying to wrap my head around a custom curve force but it seems. Some folks are pro Volumes and other are not any thoughts on the best way to go about building a custom curve force Thanks Dimitri
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