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Found 4 results

  1. hi all i'm trying to work up an rbd sim for some ground fracturing. I have an object colliding with the geo and transferring colour to it. Now in the scene (included) i have a setup that is NON-dopnet based... just using a point deform to shift the pieces - its kinda cool But i wondered if i can get the colour to transfer over to my rbd sim and activate the pieces? red being active and black being inactive? ground_geo.abc shot_WRLDBRK_0196_scene_for_odforce.hip
  2. Hey guys! I am transferring color on the model using attribute transfer and using SOP solver to make the change permanent. I am trying to isolate either R or G on my model after running it through a SOP solver so that I can then use different parts of the model for different effects. Here's the link to the effect I am trying to recreate.(Transformation effect) Any suggestions on how I can do it?
  3. Hey guys! I'm a houdini beginner and I was hoping to get some help on a project. Is there any way to make a breaking wave using an attribute transfer? I'm referring to the effect shown in this video: where the wave is folded over. Essentially I would like to make a blend shape of one curve to another, that transfers this wave effect onto another geometry. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I attached an in progress example. Thanks! WaveWIP.hipnc
  4. Hi, Im looking for clever method to pass color from one object onto instanced objects. But, I want to pass only solid color... My friend gave an idea to use foreach. Works perfect for simple boxes but it takes eons of time when I change my instaced "spheres" into real complex model. Anyone got idea how to pass or convert that color data? Regards Adam solid_color_from_map.hipnc.hip
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