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Found 4 results

  1. Hey Guys, I am trying to learn how to create a flock or boid system and going through the CMIVFX Tutorial about it. I realize it is a bit out of date at this point but I wasn't finding a lot of tutorial stuff on boids and flocking. In my file it seems like the forces are working correctly individually but when it gets to the steering part of combining the forces it seems like something is messing up. The flocking points should move towards the arrival/attraction point while trying to avoid each other but instead they head towards it and just keep on going. My guess is that the forces are overwriting each other, possibly due to the steerCount attribute. I am not sure what is going wrong though to cause that. In the tutorial they use the import() function which I found was deprecated now, so I used the pointattrib() function instead to get the attrib. So either that is the wrong substitution for it or it's some small thing I am missing between the versions that is not working like I think it is but I am still learning Houdini at an intermediate level. I also tried messing with the priority value but the tutorial still has both set at 1. I have attached the file to jump into and labeled in the VEX where the import() functions were used. I hope it is easy to tell what is going on in the file. Thank you in advace for any help/advice you can give. flockTutorial_v001.hip
  2. Hello fellow Houdini users! I am using the Houdini Crowd setup. I am trying to trigger a state change in fish from a fast swim to a slow swim. I understand that using the triggers and transitions I can get animation clips to smoothly blend together over time. However I can't get the crowd steering nodes to transition together smoothly. Beneath my fast swim and slow swim states I have separate chains of crowd steer nodes, one that has low drag and high movement, and the other with high drag and low movement, and they then feed into the 'merge states' node and then into the crowdsolver. But when the transition is triggered there is no interpolation between these states, they immediately switch over regardless of the transition duration. Does anyone know a way I can get a smooth transition between two separate crowd steering states? Thank you for your help!
  3. Fishy Fish flock

    Hi there! My recent finished work where I used VEX to create fish flocking model. Difference from basic boid flocking model is that I made fishes to be aware of their front, right, left, etc and they turn towards their goal considering this. You can see it in Cohesion - fishes try to reach point in the middle of the screen. When point is behind they try to turn towards the point making circles, instead of just swimming backwards. Obstacle avoidance was done using sdf volume. After simulation was done I smoothed it a bit inside CHOP. Fish animation respect speed changes. Also fishes can bend depending on their velocity change. Rendered in Mantra, composed in Nuke.
  4. playing with flocking

    Just played around with the new particles and the flocking digital asset. Added a few more things for pretties. See attached hip file for how I made it (all in about an hour or so). Super simple, n'est pas? p.s. And this marks the actualization of over 25 years of love since I saw Craig Reynolds' Boids in the short digital animation film Stanley and Stella on VHS. (Since Digital Domain didn't want me for Ender's Game) flocking_01.hip