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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys im pretty new here and in houdini, im currently making some experiment with houdini, but i got stuck in the dop simulation, currently i have a bunch of cubes i want to wrap each by a single cloth the problem is in fact that the cubes are merged aswell the clothes so i used the assemble node to "split" the polygons with the name attibute but i dont know how to use it in the dop network to make the cloth be affected by only one cube each ive attached my current progress, I hope i was clear (english is not my main language) cheers luca.
  2. Problem with peeling effect

    Hello, everyone. I want to apologize in advance for my english, I'm not a native speaker. Here is my problem: I tried to repeat this cool tutorial with fly-apart animation based on cloth simulation: and as long as I repeat it thoroughly, step by step, I got very nice result. But then I wanted to add some improvements to my scheme, like spreading pintoanimation attribute over the body from some areas (with some constant areas still pined to animation) - instead of simple adding points to "animated" group by bounding box. And this time I've got a problem, that you can see in the attached images. Some points of my cloth-geometry is somehow remain pin to some points in space. Please, tell me, why this is happening and what did I do wrong? I've tried to increase number of substeps of the simulation and it's accuracy, but it didn't get better. fly.hip