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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, Iam trying to figure out how too simulate curtains with Vellum , i have and animated pin constraint network but it does not seem to affect my final result , did i forget to emplement something? Anyone can help me out? Thanks in regards curtain.hipnc StartGeoV2.obj
  2. Glue constraints, help please!

    Hey magicians, I'm getting crazy with rbd. I was requested to break a statue having "hits" like this gifs from independence day. I follow a tutorial from Applied Houdini, made constraints and stuff, but I can't get the parameters to work right, I got some better control results with voronoi fracture, but with booleans I'm having a hard time. I'm new to fracturing, I tried messing with the connect adjacent pieces, as well as glue amount. Anyone can give me some tips or direction to achieve this? Thanks!
  3. greetings! i've been tasked with creating a falling handkerchief that lands on a head, completely covering the face. it's 85% of the way there, but the last 15% is eluding me. found a few good resources here on odforce and the net, but now i find myself in a "guess drop position + resim" loop. i haven't done much cloth before, so i'm not certain if that is what it comes down to in some situations. i'm looking for any techniques to direct how the cloth falls and ensure it lands on the face. brief summary of what i've tried: - if i position the cloth geo above the head, landing the cloth on the face is easy enough. however, then it's just a boring, flat square falling until it deforms with the face. - to add detail while falling, i created a constraint that pinches and spins the corners together before dropping. i like the details it creates, but find the pinching turns the cloth into a shuttlecock. when the cloth contacts the head it doesn't unfurl nicely, just kind of hits and slides off. - turned the pinch constraint off and used a vortex force to generate spin on the falling cloth. definitely a step in the right direction, good detail and motion. the issue now is i don't know how to land the cloth without guessing at an initial drop position and constantly resimming. - made an attempt at using a pre-sim'd cloth as the embedding/rest/target geo in the cloth object node. no progress there, although i'm not sure if i'm using those settings properly. if there are any fabric wizards out there, i'd eternally appreciate any wisdom on how to add natural motion to a falling cloth and still have it land in a specific location. thanks! handkerchiefFace_haveahapyday.zip