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Found 4 results

  1. Hi All ! Did anyone of you guys have Houdini 18 Hqueue issue? In my case, After houdini 18 installation, I decided to upgrade hqueue (from 17,5) to 18. The issue is : Everytime I submit a job to Hqueue, the IFD generation starts normally, till the last frame IFD is done and "master IFD generation job" shows me a "FAILED" status. After that, the clients assigned to render and maschines seem to be rendering. At the end of each frame the status of frame also turns to"FAILED". But when I check the render folder in the output directory, all renderings are done and look fine. Did anyone have a chance to encounter such kinda problem? Tried to downgrade back to 17,5, works good, as it should be. Upgrading also brings the upshown issue. I'll be glad of any help.
  2. Dear fellow magicians, I am trying to setup render machine for mantra distributed rendering (using mantra -H command) and I am struggling to make environment variables working. Lets say I have two machines - one being master and one being slave. Master have env var $ROOT=/home/trandzik/proj/dreams Slave have env variable $ROOT=/mnt/TRANDZIK01/dreams Distributed rendering work with no problem when geometry is included in IFD file and no file paths are used in scene. Once I want to include path to some file (lets say texture located in $ROOT/img.jpg), slave won't find this file because master save IFD with hardened path (using its own $ROOT var). Slave is therefore trying to find image at location /home/trandzik/proj/dreams/img.jpg instead of /mnt/TRANDZIK01/dreams/img.jpg and of course fails rendering it. Please, does anyone know how to generate IFD with non-hardened environment variables? Using distributed rendering is great option for fast lookdev and I believe it would be great to setup its pipeline correctly with environment variables. Thank you very much Peter
  3. Hi! I'm trying to figure out how to use the power of my stationary / "Desktop" Workstation in addition to the quad core cpu I have on my HP ProBook to render sequences of a Mantra animation. The desktop is currently the hserver giving me a license to run Houdini on my laptop, so network communication should not be a problem. My guess is that I need to set up a shared directory for textures and stuff, but I have defined a $SITE variable pointing to the same folder via Dropbox on both machines. I've started to look into "hython" and the hou.node and it looks like most tasks can be accomplished in Python these days, but I haven't had the time to get into the details on the matter. I do C++ and Python programming, so answers involving some code snippets don't scare me off! Well not usually anyway... Thanks in advance. Chris S
  4. Hey guys, i just found out, that it's possible to let several machines render on the same frame over the network with Mantra, similiar to VRay Distributed Rendering for example. I tested it out and it seems to work. The render statistics explicitly list the different machines and their contribution in percent. One thing though seems a little strange: I encounter no performance boost. Instead of doing more work in the same timeframe, Mantra seems to just distribute the existing work. The satelites, as well as my own machine, dont run at 100% but at 30% instead. If i turn of -H, my machine runs at 100% again. I have "Use Max Processors" turned on. Also tested around with the tiled render options.... Anybody any ideas? A VRay DR equivalent in Mantra sounds pretty awesome
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