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Found 2 results

  1. I am trying to simulate egg whites inside the eggshell which then gets pushed out by an escaping yolk (the yolk is not a fluid, just a deforming collision object), and drips down onto the eggshell. I can get a simulation running by making the eggshell collision geometry really thick prior to vdb conversion, however the fluid actually needs to conform to eggshell surface which is really thin, so this is not going to work. But without some thickness the fluid simply exits the collision geometry. What is the best way to approach this? Cheers
  2. I am trying to do this sim, where i have an egg with some flip inside but the flip inside the egg seems to leak as the egg moves forward these are some key things i am doing 1.I do a voronoi and fracture the egg, i do the fracture sim separate from the flip sim. in the flip sim i used the fractured egg as a static object with deforming geometry to collide with FLIP 2 i tried increasing the UNIFORM DIVISIONS 3.i tried increasing the COLLISION OFFSET 4.i tried REVERSING THE NORMALS OF THE EGG 5.i tried increasing the COLLISION PADDING 6.i used a TRAIL SOP to calculate the velocity of the egg 7.finally i set the FLIP SOLVER > VOLUME MOTION > COLLISION > VELOCITY TYPE TO POINT INSTEAD OF RIGID is there something that i am forgetting? why does the flip leak out of the egg?? i have a scene file attatched EGGS_LEAK.hipnc
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