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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm having issues & errors like this when using the Flipbook texture node atm. Not quite sure why these errors are occurring & the node is in beta & new to me as well. Can any1 help provide some guidance & help on this matter? (referring to snap01 & snap02 image) I'm also trying out the tool itself for making a texture sheet from flipbook. Looking back at the released video. They are using these 2 wrangle node to make motion vector & normal look. Any1 know what would be the coding behind these 2 wrangle that give the motion vec & normal effect? (referring to snap03 image) Much appreciated & thank you in advance for the provided guidance & help!!!
  2. I am very new to Houdini, so please be patient with me. Thanks. I am working on a procedural environment which was rendering fine yesterday evening, but now will not render and is giving me a bunch of errors. I am using Arnold for Houdini 18.5.596. I have attached my Houdini file and a txt with the errors I am receiving. I wish I could be more specific with my problem, but I have no idea what any of these errors mean or what could be causing them. Apologies. Thank you for your help. mountain20.hipnc message.txt
  3. OpenGL problem

    Hi all, I'm new on the forum and I've started to learn Houdini few days ago. It's awesome! By the way, I have some hardware related problem. I Run Houdini Apprentice on 2 different machines, a good workstation and an old laptop. With my workstation, there are no problems but I can't run Houdini on my laptop due to some OpenGL issues. These are the warnings: Qt Warn: QGLFormat::setVersion: Cannot set zero or negative version number 0.0 and Opengl fatal error: the installed opengl driver is not able to run opengl 3.2 So I have some practice with hardware stuff and understand what is the problem. I've already tried to upload my driver but was already updated. What can I do to solve this problem? Thanks in advance