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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Guys, I was doing a pyro sim but due to some maintenance issue I am facing erratic and frequent electricity breakdown in my area. So I was searching and found that I can resume my sim using explicit cache in some forums but since I am using Houdini 14 and new to the software I am unable to find that option. I would appreciate if someone could point out that if I can resume my sim and save it's cache in Houdini 14 from where it was interrupted . Here is another question can we append the sim instead of re-simulating the whole thing again? Can I use multiple system ( in my case My laptop and my desktop) to generate the sim cache,if yes how? Would interruption of one system affect the other system or sim in any way?
  2. A few questions about cache

    Hi, I have several questions about correct caching approach in Houdini. In DOP Network node's settings there is Cache Simulation parameter. Disabling this parameter results in less memory usage, which is advantage for heavy simulations, however I noticed some strange particle motion in FLIPs simulated that way. When I enabled Cache Simulation, everything was ok. When I simulated Pyro with Caching disabled I didn't notice any problems. So perhaps FLIPs works best with Caching enabled. But, when Houdini reaches memory limit, it starts to cache to disk, probably do Swap partition which slows simulating really a lot. What minimum Cache Memory limit should I set? I have 8 gig ram, but I noticed that when I set limit to 6,5 gigs, RAM would go full anyway. Wouldn't very small Cache Memory limit cause artifacts visible when Caching is disabled? Then there is Explicit Cache option. I understand that it is good to enable it and save 3 last sim files in case of OS / Houdini crash. However I read somewhere on this forum, that it is better for heavy simulations as there is more memory left for simulation instead of cache. What is the best approach for caching heavy simulations on PCs with smaller RAM? I want to focuse my few CPUs on simulating, not to wait till cache is written to slow HDD. My usual approach is to save simulated geometry in bgeos after DOP I/O node, usually throught Hscript. Hope you understand my questions