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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I am open to work for any production house through remote, any kind of contract, prefer Houdini Fx artist, and prefer film production. Here is my latest project if interested https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByUOHDZV29Q Hoping for experience and knowledge Regards, Zheng Shu
  2. Hi everybody! After years of sneaking inside the forum, trying to find out some solutions to my Houdini problems, I finally write a post. I've graduated in 2013 in 3D Animation at University in Milan (Italy) and after that I spent my time learning Houdini by my own as much as I could, following my passion for simulations and reconstruction of natural phenomenons. I'm a Generalist, a super junior one. I never worked inside a VFX company and I just worked a few customer service jobs in order to pay my bills. In my future I want to work with Houdini and improve on it a lot more. I don't mind to work here in London or Vancouver, my only wish is to have the possibility to improve among people that know more than me and share the same passion. Here are my links: youtube: https://youtu.be/Ko--zIhv8V0 vimeo: https://vimeo.com/215407711 If you want to say anything, even just a suggestion, please let me know!
  3. ioness

    Fx artist

    I'm a fx artist, working in Houdini and Maya if needed. Here is a link to my website http://bruneaumatthieu.wix.com/fxartist#!about-me/dztzz and here is my demoreel. All critics are welcome.
  4. Hi all, I am currently looking for a position as Junior FX TD / ATD (Assistant Technical Director) - either or a combination of both. Preferably in the London area but I am interested to hear about other locations as well. I have MA degrees in Game Art and Digital Effects (Bournemouth University NCCA), as well as a combined 2,5 years of work experience in the Game and VFX industries. Aside from my FX work I have been in ATD training at Double Negative Visual Effects in London, which I have successfully completed. This covered artist workflows for matchmove, layout, animation, fx and lighting, as well as the proprietary publishing system, disk cleanup, render wrangling, artist support, and python development for show artist tool creation using internal APIs. Within python development specifically, we covered python, PyQT, as well as code management and deployment using Git, Stash and Jenkins. I built a number of small tools for Maya, Houdini and Linux as per training, as well as automation scripts to decrease workload. Please contact me via e-mail should you wish to get in touch about possible opportunities: timothystam@hotmail.com My portfolio (with resume) and showreel can be found here: portfolio: www.timothystam.com showreel:
  5. Hallo all, Recently I graduated from the Masters in game technology course at the NHTV in the Netherlands and currently I am looking for a job as a procedural artist. During both my Bachelors and Masters I specialized in using Houdini and creating procedural content. Further I learned skills from both 3D arts and programming during the Minor part of the course, which I later combined while specializing as a procedural artist. I worked on multiple games during this time and preformed different roles from programmer to artist. The Masters part of the course aimed at researching and providing a height level overview of building architecture, lighting, object, character and environmental design, combined with technical courses on Houdini. During my masters I also helped out as Houdini teaching assistant for the bachelor classes. Location wise I have no preference. If attached my CV in addition some of my work can be found at www.m-laanbroek.nl here my CV can also be found. Please contact me by email or leave a message on my odforce account if you have any questions or are interested. Sincerely, Maurits Laanbroek. Email: m.laanbroek@gmail.com Portfolio: www.m-laanbroek.nl CV_Maurits_Laanbroek.pdf
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