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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I have noticed something interesting which I don't understand, but maybe somebody out there does. I created a Wave Tank shelf tool then a sphere and I hit the Deforming Object shelf on the sphere. Now I'm checking the OUT_INITIAL_VELOCITY node with PointsFromVolume and volumeTrail nodes. When I wire the collision geo into the collision input of the OceanSource node the velocity is become wierd as you can see, and it affects on the simulation in a bad way. It's just shelf tool! I didn't make any changes. I use 17.0. Is it normal or is it a bug or what is it? Is there anybody, who knows it?
  2. Hey all, I' doing some Rnd on mixing the ocean deformer with the wave tank simulation and I have some question. I searched the forum and found some answers, but not much since houdini 13 is out. I'll link my attempt to this post and hope people can chip in too. OceanDeformer_And_WaveTankFlip_v001_dk.hip - First of all, the basic wave tank setup set in dop an advect by ocean node with velocity treat as wind and air resistance set to 1. With this setup, the wave velocity seem to loose a lot of velocity every frame so the ocean wave start to smooth gradually. It also seem to adding a lot of drag to particle splash when an object collide with the ocean. So I uncheck the treat as wind to get ride of the air resistance. Any better idea to keep wave velocity from the initial ocean deformer ? - I have also some difficulty to understand how to blend the two together the ocean deformer and the flip sim. I think i'm not so far from a good solution, but there is still some weird edge in the blend. I searching to create a gradual blend between the border of the flip sim and the ocean deformer, and I think it must be setup in the ocean source in sop using the boundary layer, the sink, and surface fields. At the moment, the boundary seem to create an edge at the limit of the boundary. any advise on this part to setup the ocean source correctly? it will really help to mix the 2 mesh(flip sim and ocean deformer) after if there is a nice blend between the two. - at the meshing stage, do you fuse the 2 grids together or it's a blend done in compositing. If it done in comp, do you setup a kind of fading opacity on the border of each grid to get a nice blend ? I hope people got some interest in this thread and it could be like the one about displacement on fracture geometry . If there is already a post about this subject could someone give me the link please. Doum