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Found 5 results

  1. Ocean Spectrum displacement

    Hello everyone, I was doing some Ocean test using guided ocean spectrum . Sim is done but while rendering i want to change the spectrum and when i an giving new spectrum for displacement and mask it not taking those mask and the sim area is also getting effected by displacement. i am attaching two images and file . guys please check once and help me out. So in one image its coming proper because of the old spectrum and in other image i have template the new spectrum which is giving error. Thanks Rahul Ocean_Spectrum.hip
  2. HI , I was rendering Ocean using Ocean spectrum and surface, nothing advanced , but I'm getting this weird issue. When I render out in 540p, everything is as it should be but when I render it out in 720p, some parts of it is missing and when I render it out in 1080p, even more parts are missing. So i decided to change the camera angle just for testing, and there it is, everything is perfect, no cutting the edge or anything been noticed, even in FUll HD. I have attached all 4. (in the top view render you can notice the shape of my Ocean, Actually Those are only area i want to render, so ignore the shape ). Please Help me out.
  3. Attempting to use the guided ocean layer to simulate boat interaction in very large seas (15-30m). Getting lots of cascading down the wave face in the flip area, also some general instability. Has anyone tried this? Is this something beyond the scope of what the tool is designed for? cheers, jm
  4. Hi All, got a bit of a weird one I can't seem to be able to figure out ... maybe long days/nights ... who knows. So using the new H16 ocean tools, I am writing out a spectra and then masks per frame to disk (each seperate via a split sop). They are created by merged ocean spectrum sops (both displacing same grid and they even have the same resolution). When I render using the default oceansurface shader using a low res grid with the same size as the one used for the ocean spectrums I get this grid-like renderartifact shown in the image below. Setting the renderflag to the ocean evaluate, I don't get these issues. I have played around with displacement bounds but maybe not enough?! What am I missing? Gotta be some thing stupid I am doing here somewhere! any help appreciated cheers
  5. Hi guys, I'm relatively new to Houdini and I'm trying to find a fast and easy way to add mist to the already great off-the-shelf wave tank. I have found one video so far: He seems to be adding particles via POP over the surface and deleting geometry with the color attribute. Unfortunately no additional information is given. Any houdini veterans out there that can reverse-engineer this system? Any help, information or examples is greatly appreciated .